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'Feral Thoughts'

Self portrait, pencil on bristol paper.

Anastasia Smith

Photo taken by my husband, Dimytri Komanatov.

Anastasia was raised in Katy, TX where she began drawing at a very early age. When she entered her school years she quickly found a home in the arts department where her natural talents were encouraged and groomed by her teachers and supportive family.

After graduating with various awards for excellency in art, Anastasia attended the prestigious Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, NJ where she worked her way through their Sequential Arts and Illustration curriculum. After three sleepless years she was one of only 22 out of an original class of 179 to complete the difficult course study and graduate in 2002. While at the Kubert School, Anastasia had the privilege of studying under comic book legends including Joe Kubert (Dark Horse Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics), Fernando Ruiz (Archie Comics), Brian Buniak (DC Comics, Cracked Magazine, Mad Magazine) and Michael Kraiger (Marvel and DC Comics Cartoon Network).

Anastasia has worked as a cartoonist for non-profit organizations H.A.S.L.A. (Human Animals Saving Lesser Animals) and S.O.R.T. (Saving Our Resources Today). She is currently the lead artist on a role-playing game that is in development and is penciling and coloring a graphic novel by a talented writer. She is also beginning a children’s book based on a bedtime story from her husband’s youth. Her work can be found in several private homes and collections. While comic work is a major part of her life, Anastasia also works extensively in other genre. Wildlife art, fantasy art and pet portraiture are currently the main focus of her time, although she does dabble in batiking and jewelry design. Her weapons of choice are Dr. Ph. Martin’s dyes, watercolor, acrylics and color pencil.

Anastasia is also an avid photographer. Many of her art works have been inspired by images she has captured with her Canon Rebel XS. In 2007 she relocated with her husband to Dallas, TX and in 2009 moved to Grapevine, TX. There she entered four of her photographs in the What’s Great in Grapevine photo contest and took two 1st place ribbons and two 3rd place ribbons. You can often find her roaming the streets with her camera around her neck.

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