Fantasy Artwork Fantasy Artwork Autumn Faerie The first in a collection of seasonal faeries. She delights in bringing the fall colors! Original size: 14"X17" Medium: Dr. Martin Dyes on Bristol paper 154148334 Winter Faerie The second in a collection of seasonal faeries. She flutters about bringing the snows. Original size: 14"X17" Medium: Dr. Martin Dyes on Bristol paper 154148360 Fire She embodies, flame, passion, heat and desire. Original size: 11"X30" Medium: Dr. Martin Dyes and gouache on 300lb. watercolor paper 154148342 Ice Dragon Dragons are eternal. They were here before time and will be here long after, hence the eternity symbol. Original size: 5.5"X11.5" Medium: Prismacolor pencils on Canson paper 154148346 Just Hatched I had this image rattling around in my head for years and finally got it out. Someday I may see what his siblings look like. Original size:15.5"X12.5" Medium: Dr. Martin Dyes, India ink and gouache on 300 lb. watercolor paper This original is for sale for $450 154148347 Puss In Boots "Help, or my Lord Carabas will be drowned!" Original size: 20"X13" Medium: Dr. Marten Dyes and acrylics on 300lb watercolor paper. 154148354 Spring Faerie Spring Faerie is the third in my seasonal faerie series. Sorry about the bad quality of the image as it is a photo, I am still getting items professionally scanned. Original size: 14x17 Painted using Dr. Martin dyes, india ink and gouache. 189074990 8 of Wands The 8 of Wands, my contribution to the 78 Tarot. Done using dyes, acrylics and ink on 300lb. watercolor paper. Original size 12x18" To purchase one of these signed and numbered limited edition prints, please go to my Etsy Shop 196592141 Mask and Crow My most recent commission. The original is 18x24 watercolor paper and painted with a mixture of Dr. Martin dyes and India ink. 197945032 10 of Cups The 10 of Cups is my contribution to the 78 Tarot Nautical Deck. Done with acrylic paint on 300lb. watercolor paper. Original size 12x18 To purchase one of these signed and numbered limited edition prints, please go to my Etsy Shop 198573659 The Chariot: Monster Mash The Pumpkin King has a cape of stars, representing the celestial influences at work. The outward facing crescent moons on his shoulders refer to the formative world. The symbols on his tunic are alchemical symbols, representing the spiritual transformation. The square signifies earth, a sign of strength of will. The pumpkin leaf and star crown indicate the highest attainment of spiritual evolution. The wings on the Chariot represent inspiration. His horses are Nightmares that run on flames. He holds no reins, just the wand which is aflame. He controls through strength of will. The city is behind him in an inferno, not only has he turned his back on civilization, he has burned it down. Painted on bristol paper using Doc Martin Dyes, ink, color pencil and acrylic paint. This is the original and is 14x17 inches. This original is for sale $300 200421115 The Fool: Twinkling Twenties The Fool steps boldly and blindly out on to the dark stage. The white rose behind her ear is a symbol of purity and innocence. She has her trusty white dog on her bag. Painted on bristol paper with watercolors, ink and acrylic paint. 9x12 size. This original is for sale $125 200421116 Queen of Wands: Tipsy Tarot The Queen of Wands sits upon her ornate rug and relaxes with her buddies after a long day. The two lions represent strength and passion and the sunflowers symbolize fertility and warmth. The black cat shows her connection to magic. She has set aside her flowering wand for a nice glass of Merlot. This original is sold. 200421117 Jackelope A mythical creature (cryptid) that marries a jack rabbit with deer antlers! The original is painted with watercolors and is 8x10. This original is matted and framed and for sale $125 200483576 Kelpie The Kelpie is a shape shifting water spirit in Scotland. Usually the spirit appears as a beautiful horse but can also take human form. The legends say that they would lure children to the water and once you touched the creature you would be stuck fast and then taken to the bottom of the lake. Whenever a kelpie's tail touches the water a loud boom of thunder would sound and they were known to warn of oncoming storms. This original is matted and framed and for sale $125 200882332 Blue Maltese Tiger The Blue Maltese Tiger is a cryptid, a rumored but unproven animal. There are stories of sightings in South China and Korea but none ever confirmed. This original is done with watercolors and is 8x10. This original is matted and framed and for sale $125 200882217 4 of Pentacles Here he is with two of his toys under each foot, one balanced upon his head and the last clenched within his teeth. He is greedy, with too many toys to play with at once, but he's not willing to let any escape his grasp. He worked hard to gather them all and he's proud to have them. This original is 8x10 and created using watercolors and ink. This original is matted and framed and for sale $125 200917183 Page of Pentacles The Page of Pentacles: I created the Page of Pentacles as a side show barker. First and foremost, Pages are bringers of information, so I thought the idea of him calling out to passers by to let them know the sights they were missing inside the tent was ideal. The Page of Pentacles stands alone wearing a unique hat and a freshly blossomed flower in the band. Behind him to his right is a freak show poster showing the Monkey Man perched in fruit bearing banana trees. To his left is a poster of the Scarecrow Man and a freshly furrowed field that promises an abundant harvest. The Page is completely unaware of anything around him except the gold coin in his hands. The bright sky above suggests all is well and he begins to realize that the coin in his grasp can open doors for him. It is a dawning realization of the path towards prosperity. This is drawn for the 78 Tarot Carnival deck coming soon! 201014451 Valkyrie Death Card Valkyries are the choosers of the dead. They travel down from Valhalla on lightning to bring back the bravest souls to Odin's drinking hall. Death rides a white horse garbed in black armor. None have ever defeated her. She will come for man, woman and child alike. Even kings have no sway. The white Rose that pins her cloak offers hope, a symbol of purity, as Death is the ultimate purifier. The rising sun in the distance offers the promise of a new beginning after death. Original Size 11x14 Painted with watercolors, acrylics, color pencil and ink pen on watercolor paper. 202517030 7 of Cups Within the sacred pools appear seven apparitions. Our bewildered alien in the foreground is suddenly gifted with a difficult decision. Each pool holds a single choice - a dragon, representing supernatural forces; a tower, a signal of stability and power; a treasured pearl, signifying abundance and wealth; a kelp crown, representing victory or honor; a head, symbolizing a companion for herself; a snake, a totem of wisdom and knowledge; a shrouded figure, representing the need for illumination. All of the choices are tempting, but beware as looks can be deceiving. Our alien dreamer must begin to turn her dreams into realities and that means figuring out what is real versus illusion and what might be wishful thinking versus dreams that can be built upon in real life. Each of the pools are interconnected, one flowing into the other. This symbolizes how every choice we make (or don?t make) are connected and will impact the rest of our lives. 203934923